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Too cute not to share!

I found the cutest gift for a bride that she will love, and will look great in photos. Its a hanger that wire is attached to that they form into the brides last name. It makes for a great picture to hang her wedding dress on. They can add different bows and different color woods for the hanger. Its just something I came across and thought I would share. They sell these hangers on Check it out!


Toms is a great shoe company that helps people in need. When you buy a pair of their shoes they will donate a pair to a child that wouldn’t have shoes otherwise. They have a whole section on their website dedicated to weddings! They not only make women’s bridal shoes, but shoes for men too. If you and your whole bridal party bought these shoes to wear for your wedding think of how many children who dont have shoes would now have a pair. They are comfortable and stylish. It is a unique twist that no one will be expecting when they see your shoes! Go to for more information!

Petal Grosgrain Women's Classics      Silver Women's Glitters

Black Perforated Leather Men's Classics      White Canvas Men's Classics

Lately I have been noticing that brides don’t know the difference between an escort card and a place card. A place card is placed at each seat of the tables with the name of your guest. An escort card is on a table with everyone’s cards and the guest takes it and it “escorts” them to their seat. I hope this helps and now you know what the difference is between the two!



I saw another great vendor at the TSE Tradeshow a couple weeks ago. They do a virtual graffiti wall. If you are sick of the boring photo booth idea this is a great alternative for you. You take a picture and then it is digitally posted onto a wall. Then you take a fake spray paint can and choose different settings and graffiti all over your picture. When you’re done you print it out and you have a great picture to take home and put into the wedding couples photo album! For more information their website is

Sharing this repost to help explain one photographer’s explanation of pricing.

Why Wedding Photographers’ Prices are “Wack”.