I don’t want my blog to be my soapbox for personal issues, but this one is important.

Like most “crazybusy” women, I was a bit behind in getting my annual exam, pap and mammogram.  Getting than done and getting “all clear” reports was comforting, but I asked my practicioner about a mole on my arm that concerned me.  She assured me it was probably nothing, but since I had never been to a dermatologist, she suggested a “head to toe” since I am fair-skinned.  Of course, getting around to that was a few more months. I met with a dermatologist who I met about 25 years ago when we were both stationed in Bethesda, and he did a scraping without too much concern.

48 hours later, I received the call to inform me that it was indeed melanoma, the “bad” form of skin cancer.  The good thing about melanoma is that, when caught early, simple excision is the only treatment necessary, and I’ll have to get that “head to toe” every six months for a few years.  So this spring, I’m sporting a sizable 3″ scar on my left upper arm, and I almost want to show it off so that when people ask me about it I can share this story.  Procrastination, in this case, could have been much more serious and even deadly.