I have to share when I find something really unique for bridesmaid luncheons or even wedding party gifts. Delightful site to share with fellow tea lovers in the Orlando area. Check out Trish’s Teas in Balwin Park, http://www.trishsteas.com. But to really learn about putting on a proper tea, this website is a wealth of information. For example, when was tea introduced in America?
In the year 1658 tea is served and sold publicly for the first time in America. In the year 1660 tea is introduced by the Dutch colonists to America in the settlement called New Amsterdam, which later became New York. The same year England levied the first tax on tea. This tea tax was one of the factors that lead to American resistance to British rule and ultimately the Boston Tea Party in December 16, 1773.
And for those that might not know about it – another well-kept secret is the tea room at Vintage Vines, located conveniently in “The Gatherings” at 2630 Edgewater Drive, Orlando Florida. Contact Karin Wilkinson at 407 770-0855.
Just in time for a cup of tea…..more later….