If you wonder how your wedding consultant stays current with all the latest wedding and event trends, ask them. If they answer with responses like “watching Platinum weddings,” or “Martha Stewart Weddings,” then maybe you won’t have a cutting edge personalized wedding design. Just home from the Special Event Show in New Orleans, I can honestly say that between ABC’s Annual Conference and this show, I have met with the best in the industry FACE TO FACE, seen their best work IN PERSON, and have continued to increase my knowledge in technical areas with an all day session on “Tech as a Second Language,” among others. I was also honored to present “Too Busy to … Do it ALL” with Elisa Delgardio on Thursday and to attend the Wedding Luncheon and Gala Awards. From Bonbons with bling to the latest “PortaJane” designed just for women, it’s all there, and you meet with the designers, distributors, and sales staff, making it much easier for an educated consultant to get you the best for your wedding or event.