Angela Nuran Shoes

The world's most comfortable wedding shoes

A coordinator’s pet peeve.  A bride and bridesmaids invest hundreds, if not thousands getting the right dress, the right accessories, facials, waxing,  hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure  – – – but what about the shoes?  Let’s focus on your feet for just a few minutes.  After all that work for the “perfect” look on your special day, why do so many brides and bridesmaids end up barefoot or in $2 flipflops or shower shoes at the reception?  Their answer – to be comfortable.  My answer – because they didn’t take the time to break in their shoes or buy shoes that they would be comfortable in for 6 – 8- or 12 hours on a wedding day.  Mothers – take heed, this applies to you too!  Whether you spend $20 or $200 on your shoes, they’ll end up under the table, and you’ll be using all the coordinator’s bandaids and moleskin to survive the night.  Who wants to start that honeymoon on the beach in Jamaica with the salt water stinging your blistered toes or heels.  It totally defeats the stylish pedicure. 

Here’s my plug for the best wedding shoes I’ve found.  Angela Nuran, a Florida shoe designer, creates delightful, sassy shoes that you can actually walk in for long periods.  A comfortable wedding shoe!!  I wouldn’t sing her praises unless I had tried them myself.  Here’s to you, Angela, and for all the blisters you’re preventing, and my apologies to the band-aid and flip-flop weddings.  Your feet deserve to enjoy your wedding day too.