May 2010

News Flash – yes, it can.  Many dresss manufacturers in Europe are experiencing delays in being able to get their dresses out on flights to the U.S. as a result of delayed and cancelled flights from volcanic ash.  If your gown is ordered, check with your salon and ask them to reconfirm delivery date, and perhaps allow for extra time.


Okay – I’m number fourteen this time – but my pedi-fettish strikes again!

14) Take Steps to Be Comfortable.

“Break in your wedding shoes! I know this may sound trivial, but it’s the most overlooked piece of advice that I give to brides, moms and attendants,” says Elise Enloe, a bridal consultant in Oviedo, Florida. “Why do women think they can be on their feet for six to eight hours in a pair of shoes they’ve never worn and not end up with painful blisters? It not only makes you uncomfortable, but it detracts from any formal affair when everyone is barefoot as soon as the first dances are over.” 

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My daughter and I happened to picking up her Danskin Triathlon packet and wanted to see her friends finish Disney’s Muddy Buddy. But we stumbled on this wedding and became part of the impromptu guests.  If you’re not familiar with this event, you and a partner run and bike – alternating so one runs while the other bikes, then switch, and then you finish the race by crawling through a mud pit together. This couple met while running – so I guess that makes it appropriate for them. They decided to get married after completing their trip through the mud pit (and it was smelly).  So, Muddy Buddies for life – memorable, yes.

Would you do it?  What do you think?