Let’s make a few things clear about my blog, Details. You’re busy. I’m busy.
I don’t post daily about things that I don’t feel are helpful to my brides or potential clients
But I do understand that when you’re planning your wedding you want to absorb everything you can and get every great little idea possible to make your wedding celebration a unique, memorable event expressing you as a couple. One of the reasons you hire a wedding consultant is to save you time – so I can be checking all these blogs, staying current with wedding trends, and knowing where to get the right vendors and products for your wedding.  But I work with do-it-yourself  brides and grooms on limited budgets, so I don’t mind sharing information – that’s what blogs are all about.  So, if you’re not too busy, here’s a link to a blog that lists 100 top wedding blogs.
p.s. I’m fine with not making the list….