Thinking about having a bit of Celtic tradition? Considering kilts? Where do you start? I gave a presentation on Scottish weddings a few years ago at the Association of Bridal Consultants Annual Conference and thought I’d share some blogs on ethnic and specialty weddings.  

  • Understand that each tartan is unique has its own thread count. A pattern is not officially a tartan unless you can fold it diagonally so that the colors match up exactly.  Keep in mind that the wedding party’s attire doesn’t have to match the groom’s. 
  • Kilts are even more expensive than tuxedos most of the time, so it’s usually better to rent the outfit. Once you have a kilt in your clan’s tartan, you’ll need to choose a jacket. Kilt outfits are mainly distinguished by the style of jacket.
  • Casual – This outfit is for every day casual wear and would be worn with a casual/outdoor shirt or sweater and a pair of boots – as illustrated opposite. It consists of Kilt, Sporran, Kilt Pin, Kilt Hose, Belt & Buckle – but you can add other items later to create a Daywear or Full Dress outfit.

Scottish Jacobean Highland Kilt
Jacobean Highland Outfit – an excellent choice for less formal or daytime weddings.


  • Jacobean Highland Outfit – offers a rugged, youthful choice of highlandwear; an excellent choice for less formal Scottish-themed weddings.  The Jacobite outfit  is identified by include a loose Jacobite shirt and vest in lieu of formal jacket, and pouch sporran for casual daywear. 
  • Semi Dress is ideal for formal occasions if you do not want the Full Dress outift – The Semi Dress outfit consists of Kilt, Argyll Jacket, Semi Dress Sporran, Ghillie Brogues, Sgian Dubh, Belt & Buckle, Kilt Hose & Flashes, Kilt Pin and a Bow Tie. The main difference from the Full Dress outfit being the style of jacket and the fact that there is no waistcoat (vest) with the Semi Dress outfit.
  • Grooms and groomsmen however would normally choose the after the style of the jacket.  The Full Dress outfit is the accepted style for Weddings, Black Tie Functions and is the Scottish equivalent of a Dinner Jack
    Semi-Dress (semi-formal) kilt

    Semi-Dress (semi-formal) kilt

    et or Tuxedo.  The full dress outfit is also referred to as the Prince Charlie Outfit.

Accessories:  – Once you have your jacket, shirt, and kilt, you can start to think about the rest of your kilt outfit.   

  • The next difference between the outfits is the kind of sporran (a belted pouch worn at the waist) worn with it. These mostly divide into three categories: Full Dress sporrans, mainly worn with a formal Prince Charlie outfit; Semi-Dress sporrans, suitable for most occasions, perhaps with an Argyll jacket; and Daywear sporrans, which are less formal and could be worn with an Argyll or Tweed jacket.  You should also consider your kilt pin, belt and buckle, tie, and garter flashes.
  • Kilt hose and ghillie brogues are the traditional socks and Highland shoes.
  • Tuck a Skean Dhu (“black dagger” in Gaelic) into the top of the men’s kilt hose. This custom comes from a time when Highlanders wore their weapons openly when they accepted an invitation to someone’s house, thereby showing they had nothing to hide. 

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