January 2011

Trip Advisors  Best and Worst Hotels.  I realize that every hotel has a dissatisfied guest or two, and we tend to complain before we compliment, so take it with “a grain of salt.”  This gets my attention to the importance of a solid site inspection – which is still not entirely foolproof.  A venue will only show you their best rooms – not the room you may get.  A professional wedding consultant is a repeat visitor to most wedding sites, or through the Association of Bridal Consultants can get a trusted colleague to provide reliable feedback or they’ll go check it out for us. 

Travler’s Choice Best  http://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice-cTop25

Homewood Suites Orlando-UCF Area Orlando, Florida

I’m excited that one of my local favorites was a US favorite:  Homewood Suites Orlando-UCF Area,Orlando, Florida

Trip Advisors Worst Hotels: http://www.tripadvisor.com/DirtyHotels


I had a call yesterday from a seasoned wedding professional who was quite concerned that a new wedding planner in her area (not in Florida – but it happens here too) received the Knot’s “Best Wedding Planner” for 2010 in her area.  This “planner” has never even planned or coordinated a complete wedding, just a reception for some friends.  If you were ever

How can that happen?

Many of these so-called awards (The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc.) are determined by essentially “stuffing the ballot box” by rallying your friends, relatives, and even voting for yourself.  My colleague even contacted the Knot on this issue, and there’s really nothing they can do about it – it’s based on the “votes received,” and is slanted towards those who pay to advertise with the source of the “award.”  Yes, you can vote for others, but they are “write ins.”  I receive frequent requests from my wedding colleagues asking me to vote for them for some of these so-called awards that are based on popularity, not merit.  For thr record, I believe in the old fashioned voting process of being able to cast ONE vote for the most qualified for an award, or awards that are based on merit.  So, for couples that are considering my services, you won’t see a “voted best” of anything banner on my website or marketing materials, but I am the only Better Business Bureau Accredited Wedding Consultant in the Orlando area and one of only two Master Bridal Consultants in Central Florida.  I am proud to share the Association of Bridal Consultants highest designation with Heather Snively, Weddings Unique, who achieved this designation in November, 2010.

Ring Tattoo

Ring Tattoo

Congratulations to Nicole and Julio on their Christmas Eve morning  wedding.  They got their marriage license on December 21st and got caught in the 3-day waiting period for Florida residents.  Isn’t it interesting that if you’re not a Florida resident, there’s no waiting period?  So, Ken conducted a brief ceremony in front of their Christmas tree – just in time to celebrate Christmas with their families without a separate reception celebration.  What was unique about their wedding? They had Chinese symbols of marriage tattooed on their 4th fingers – so they’re married with or without their wedding bands on.

Some may think having a travel agent is archaic, but this blog suggests that D-I-Y travel and getting the “best bargain” is not always the best deal.