July 2011

I was queried whether I thought there was a need for an “app” for brides and grooms to “improve communication” duringthe wedding so that their guests and wedding party knew what was going on, where to be, etc.    We’re not talking about a wedding planning “app,” but to be used on the wedding day. Then I found someone has already created one, PhotoOpp.

PhotoOpp, iPhone App

Would you use this at your wedding? Cake cutting in 5 minutes - gather near the cake table....

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My former bride, now mother of the bride called.  The bridal shower looming, she was at a loss for affordable, practical favors.  I offered to help.  Using labels from onlinelabels.com (I swear by them and they’re in Longwood!) and their Maestro templates you can personalize almost anything!

Brittany's Shower Favors

Shower Favor Ideas

The picture in the middle is shows the full label before putting it on  the lip balm tubes.

Danville Bed & BreakfastDan Shaw, self-elected “Mayor of Danville,” a unique wedding and event site in Gevena – yes, Geneva – that’s a bit east of Oviedo and south of Sanford.  It was our pleasure to partner with Jessica Giordano and Cielo Celebrations to celebrate the Grand Opening of this high-tech yet “a step back in time” venue for your celebration.  If you want to arrive by air, airboat or antique car, watch this video courtesy of my esteemed colleagues Bruce Reynolds and Allan Saltman, http://www.vimeo.com/26274383 then call us to arrange a visit for your wedding or event. we can’t wait to coordinate your wedding at Danville!

New Wedding Venue in East Seminole County