September 2011

For Fall Weddings there are some hot color trends you can incorporate into your own wedding. One popular color combo is mint green and cherry red. It’s a bright and fun color combo used for a fall wedding. Another great color to use is a rich mocha. It pairs great with any bright or neutral color. It gives a wedding a nice sharp look, and makes your other colors really pop! A nice traditional fall color to use would be cedar green. It’s a nice mossy color, and looks great for bridesmaid dresses. What are you favorite color combinations for a fall wedding? Have a Happy Fall Wedding Season!!



I’ve been noticing lately that bride and grooms have been getting creative with their aisle runners. They have ventured away from a traditional red or white runner, and have been creating custom ones. If you can afford to get a custom one made it adds an extra special touch to your ceremony. I saw one couple who put their favorite things all down the runner, and had flowers to add a pop of color. To keep it more traditional you can have your monogram on the end of the runner. Another unique idea would be to have tons and tons of flowers as your aisle runner, instead of a piece of fabric. It’s colorful, and will have all your guests talking. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your aisle runners. It won’t go unnoticed if you do! Here are some great ones that I have seen:




I’ve been flipping through magazines, and have noticed more and more brides are creating their own bouquets with brooches. This is such a creative and quirky idea. You can customize the color of your bouquet, and add your personal style into it. Also it’s a great way to cut floral costs for a wedding. It could become a fun activity for you and your bridal party to work on, or with your mom and soon to be mother in law. When the wedding is done you will be able to keep it forever since real flowers weren’t used. What do you think? Would you want to use real flowers at your wedding, or a brooch bouquet? Here’s a picture in case you have never seen one before!