November 2011

ArtVowsYou’re still married long after the party is over. One of the great wedding professionals we met in Baltimore was Art Vows. We’ll give a plug for their products to keep your vows a part of your lives forever.
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  The tip this week is about engagement rings. There are tons of ways to go green with your ring. You might have seen the movie Blood Diamond, and that gives you an insight into the diamond market, and how volatile it can be. Some ways to avoid that would be to use an heirloom diamond. You can have it put into a different setting, and it will save you tons. Also there are antique rings, synthetic and cultured diamonds, or a Canadian Diamond. These diamonds are under a close eye and are certified that they aren’t blood diamonds. Other alternatives to a ring could be a tattoo, natural treasures or gem stones. There are a ton of options for you to choose from to go green. For more ideas go to the!

Another “out of the box” wedding site we’d like to share,  a “blank canvas” courtyard next to Riverhouse Pottery  on Palmetto Avenue in Sanford. Thanks to incredible planning by our wedding couple, it was our pleasure to assist in Dan and Melanie’s wedding on November 13th.  It was great to work with Cindy Shifrel and Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, White Rose Entertainment, Lidia Carr Photography, Lightspeed Pro Videography and Stone Throw’s Bistro to make this wedding a relaxed, fun celebration for an great couple. What made this wedding unique was having the ceremony in the courtyard, then having dinner at Stone’s Throw Bistro, during which time Attention to Details staff “flipped” the courtyard for the party and dancing after dinner. We’ll post pictures from Lidia shortly.

Green Bride Guide

Green Bride Guide

With people becoming more Eco-friendly these days they are looking for new ways to help the environment. Kate Harrison, who I met at conference,  has a book with tons of tips to Go Green with your wedding, its called The Green Bride Guide. This book opens up your eyes and makes you realize how one wedding affects the planet. This has made me want to offer greener solutions to brides. Each week I will post a Green Tip for weddings. Hopefully this will start the Green Revolution. Also visit, this website is FANTASTIC! You can buy, sell items from your wedding. It can help you save money, or get back money on items you onlGreen Holiday Giftsy used once. Look for my Green Tips starting next week. Lets all Go Green!

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Peter Merry and Elizabeth Scott Daley gave us some great ideas for ways to entertain your guests at your reception. One of them was to use a photo booth, or flipbook. Guests can take pictures, or shoot a skit for a minute and it is then transformed into a flipbook. They can take these things home, and always remember your wedding. Also your videographer can do same-day editing, not every videographer can do this but there are some out there. In the first part of your reception play a video on how you met. At the end he can play the ceremony, and reception. Guests will be amazed by the fact they are in the video. If you’re the couple that likes to take risks you can do a first dance surprise. Start dancing to a normal first dance song, then in the middle break out some choreographed moves. It’s unexpected and your guests will love it!

      At the conference there was a session on how to care and preserve your wedding dress. They gave us so many helpful hints. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts from the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

 1. Water and Silk don’t mix

2. Don’t hang the dress by its shoulders

3. Don’t use wire hangers

4. Keep dress away from air and light

5. Don’t store in plastic garment bag

6. Wrap dress in old sheets

7. Mud and Red Wine are hard to get out of silk

8. Use baby wipes on polyester

9. Tide Stick works well

10. Fiber is what counts, not weave

Also, if you are buying a sample dress clean it before you get alterations done. If you visit their website you can get many more tips, and find a cleaner in your area that is part of the association. (

We just got back from the Annual Association of Bridal Consultants Conference in Baltimore this week. We had a great time and learned so much. I’m working on some blogs to post from the trip. Stay tuned!