December 2011


A great idea that I learned for going green with your invitations is making them on plantable paper. After your guests read the invitation to your wedding they can plant it in their garden. Not only does it make the invitation itself eco-friendly, but you are helping the environment by planting a tree which decreases carbon footprints. This is a great way for everyone to do their part, and go green!


We at Attention to Details Weddings and Events want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays and New Year! New posts are coming soon!


When to tip? When to gift? What’s the difference?

I know we have talked about this location before, but we just had a fabulous wedding there this past weekend and everyone fell in love with it. The unique venue offers endless option. They have a gazebo garden area where your ceremony could take place. They have a tent and tables for your reception area. They have a quaint little built in bar called O’Shaws. They have a bride and groom room for your special day. They offer a surprise grand entrance, and to find out what that is go to their website You will fall in love with this place too!



Here is your green tip for the week! When choosing a menu for your wedding you should consider the season. Use fresh food items that are in season. That goes the same with flowers. Choose flowers that grow during the season your wedding will be. It will cost less and support local farmers and growers in your area.

At the conference one of our keynote speakers was Diann Valentine. She is one of the most inspiring women in the wedding industry. She had a dream, and went with it and look at her now. She has a new show on WE TV called I Do Over on Sundays at 10pm. When she was speaking to us she said she doesn’t read wedding magazines. She reads fishing, interior design, cars, and anything else. Her reasoning was that she doesn’t want to do anything that has already been done before, and doesn’t believe in doing something twice. I met her at the dinner reception, and she was so nice and personable. I’m really inspired by the advice that she gave us, and want to start applying it to wedding I will do one day.