February 2012

I saw another great vendor at the TSE Tradeshow a couple weeks ago. They do a virtual graffiti wall. If you are sick of the boring photo booth idea this is a great alternative for you. You take a picture and then it is digitally posted onto a wall. Then you take a fake spray paint can and choose different settings and graffiti all over your picture. When you’re done you print it out and you have a great picture to take home and put into the wedding couples photo album! For more information their website is virtualgraffitiwall.com.


Sharing this repost to help explain one photographer’s explanation of pricing.

Why Wedding Photographers’ Prices are “Wack”.


I met another great vendor at The Special Event in Tampa. They are called Dress my Cupcake! They sell designer cupcake wrappers. They are the cutest wrappers, and some are even reusable.  You simply bake your cupcake and after you ice them then you place the wrapper around it! It creates a great display for a birthday or wedding. Also they do custom designs if you have an idea you can send it into them. On display at the trade show they had a tier of cupcakes and at the top was the bride and groom it said on the wrapper, and matching colors on all the rest. It adds a great unique touch to any event! They ship worldwide and have no minimum and no fee drop shipping. To get more information go to their website at www.dressmycupcake.com.