Controlling Wedding Budget & Expenses

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Sharing this repost to help explain one photographer’s explanation of pricing.

Why Wedding Photographers’ Prices are “Wack”.

Recently at weddings I have seen candy table becoming very popular for guest favors. You set it up with different vases and glasses and fill them with candy. You can have little bags with stickers and your names and date of wedding for them to fill.  You can become really creative with the types of candy and colors you have. Have them match your wedding colors, or just have them labeled as the bride and grooms favorite candy. Also if you are using M&M’s you can get your faces on them, or just get a big vase and layer your wedding colors which add an elegant touch. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a cute idea that every guest will love.


Most people use fresh flowers for their centerpieces. I have seen some unique and elegant centerpieces where traditional flowers aren’t used. This idea is not only a money saver, but will add a memorable touch to your wedding. One idea I loved was the use of peacock feathers. It adds some color, and with lighted candles around, it makes the table look gorgeous. Another idea that could be used for an outdoor wedding could be mason jars with wildflowers inside. Each centerpiece would be unique to every table, and it is an inexpensive option. Having a beach wedding? Try a vase with sand, seashells, and add a starfish. Have a beach day with your bridesmaids and pick up some seashells along the way. There are a ton of inexpensive ideas for centerpieces you just have to get creative!



I’ve been flipping through magazines, and have noticed more and more brides are creating their own bouquets with brooches. This is such a creative and quirky idea. You can customize the color of your bouquet, and add your personal style into it. Also it’s a great way to cut floral costs for a wedding. It could become a fun activity for you and your bridal party to work on, or with your mom and soon to be mother in law. When the wedding is done you will be able to keep it forever since real flowers weren’t used. What do you think? Would you want to use real flowers at your wedding, or a brooch bouquet? Here’s a picture in case you have never seen one before!



Ring Tattoo

Ring Tattoo

Congratulations to Nicole and Julio on their Christmas Eve morning  wedding.  They got their marriage license on December 21st and got caught in the 3-day waiting period for Florida residents.  Isn’t it interesting that if you’re not a Florida resident, there’s no waiting period?  So, Ken conducted a brief ceremony in front of their Christmas tree – just in time to celebrate Christmas with their families without a separate reception celebration.  What was unique about their wedding? They had Chinese symbols of marriage tattooed on their 4th fingers – so they’re married with or without their wedding bands on.

Some may think having a travel agent is archaic, but this blog suggests that D-I-Y travel and getting the “best bargain” is not always the best deal.

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