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I met another great vendor at The Special Event in Tampa. They are called Dress my Cupcake! They sell designer cupcake wrappers. They are the cutest wrappers, and some are even reusable.  You simply bake your cupcake and after you ice them then you place the wrapper around it! It creates a great display for a birthday or wedding. Also they do custom designs if you have an idea you can send it into them. On display at the trade show they had a tier of cupcakes and at the top was the bride and groom it said on the wrapper, and matching colors on all the rest. It adds a great unique touch to any event! They ship worldwide and have no minimum and no fee drop shipping. To get more information go to their website at www.dressmycupcake.com.


Another “out of the box” wedding site we’d like to share,  a “blank canvas” courtyard next to Riverhouse Pottery  on Palmetto Avenue in Sanford. Thanks to incredible planning by our wedding couple, it was our pleasure to assist in Dan and Melanie’s wedding on November 13th.  It was great to work with Cindy Shifrel and Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, White Rose Entertainment, Lidia Carr Photography, Lightspeed Pro Videography and Stone Throw’s Bistro to make this wedding a relaxed, fun celebration for an great couple. What made this wedding unique was having the ceremony in the courtyard, then having dinner at Stone’s Throw Bistro, during which time Attention to Details staff “flipped” the courtyard for the party and dancing after dinner. We’ll post pictures from Lidia shortly.

Danville Bed & BreakfastDan Shaw, self-elected “Mayor of Danville,” a unique wedding and event site in Gevena – yes, Geneva – that’s a bit east of Oviedo and south of Sanford.  It was our pleasure to partner with Jessica Giordano and Cielo Celebrations to celebrate the Grand Opening of this high-tech yet “a step back in time” venue for your celebration.  If you want to arrive by air, airboat or antique car, watch this video courtesy of my esteemed colleagues Bruce Reynolds and Allan Saltman, http://www.vimeo.com/26274383 then call us to arrange a visit for your wedding or event. we can’t wait to coordinate your wedding at Danville!

New Wedding Venue in East Seminole County

Juliet's Balcony, Verona, Italy

Romeo, Romeo, Where for art thou?

If you are following my blog, you know I haven’t posted regularly lately.  One reason was I took a well-deserved break to enjoy a trip with the Association of Bridal Consultants to Verona, Italy to learn more about weddings in Italy.  Granted, there are a few “quirks,” a little red tape,  and many answers to our questions to venue representatives and city officials were, “it depends…, ” meaning it’s very important to have a relationship with your vendors and that most things are negotiable.  We also learned that if you aren’t married in the church, you are required to be legally married in a city site, such as the town hall.  Fortunately, Verona’s town hall is beautiful, but the city also owns Juliet’s house, Juliet’s tomb, and another wedding venue in the city.  That means that most outdoor wedding ceremonies at castles and villas are essentially reenactments.  In Verona, they now have one privately owned venue that is rented to the City of Verona for ceremonies so that wedding ceremonies can be conducted in the villa.  I must tell you, the venues are beyond belief!  If you enjoy rich history and architecture, I can honestly say that I have never been so overwhelmed with beauty.  Top 5 questions/concerns about getting married in Italy:
1. I don’t speak Italian. 
A. Neither do I, and while you could get in a situation where no one spoke English, we found that most Italians and Europeans speak more English than we expected.  Most signs were in both languages or you could figure it out, like “toilette.”  Most of the venue websites can be translated to English with the click of the mouse.  Yes, you’ll have to have items like your birth certificate and divorce decree translated to Italian for the court, 2 of my ABC Italian colleagues are licensed to do that, so no worries there, either.  Dinner setup at Bevilacqua Castle
2. I’m not excited about “roughing it” without modern conveniences.  

A. Even the most historic venues have modern facilities – probably most were more modern than most American facilities.  Nearly every bathroom had limited and full flush options to save water – where do you see that here?  We had dinner at one castle that is still using the 16th century fireplaces to heat the rooms and we were comfortable, and another castle that could provide a fire breather (who was also a poet) for reception entertainment. We experienced the best wedding sites in Verona and the surrounding areas.  Most hotels are either ultra modern or tastefully renovated/restored. 
3. What about driving?
A. Once you get comfortable using trains and public transportation, you probably don’t need to drive. You might want a bicycle to get around if you don’t enjoy walking, but you really need to slow down or let someone else drive so you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells.  Yes, traffic is a little crazier in the big cities like Rome and Naples, but you can take Eurorail, local trains, and Metro and have only occasional need for a taxi. In Sorrento, we hired a private driver to take us through Positano and the Amalfi coast.  Spending the day with a local who spoke some English – and my daughter who spoke some English was the most enriching, wonderful experience.

Villa Della Torre

Now this is a fireplace!

4. Isn’t it expensive? 
A. Once you get comfortable with converting dollars to Euros – there’s an app for that, it’s really not bad.  Food is fresh and wine is plentiful – you’d spend as much at Disney World.  The major difference is you get lots of food for the price whereas in the U.S., we eat fast and don’t enjoy the dining experience. 
5. Are the people friendly?  Do they like/dislike Americans? 
A. Working with established ABC wedding professionals, the city of Verona rolled out the red carpet for us.  It’s all about establishing relationships – not unlike the U.S. We had classes on the requirements for weddings and met with all the city officials in Verona. We could not have been more welcome. I am totally comfortable working with my Italian colleagues to help U.S. brides get married in Italy, now not even just Verona, but almost anywhere in the country.
To summarize, there are more similarities than differences, and a professional consultant can help you work through those differences – allow plenty of time, and be flexible. That’s why we are being awarded the Association of Bridal Consultants first “Destination Wedding Specialist – Italy” designation.

Let’s make a few things clear about my blog, Details. You’re busy. I’m busy.
I don’t post daily about things that I don’t feel are helpful to my brides or potential clients
But I do understand that when you’re planning your wedding you want to absorb everything you can and get every great little idea possible to make your wedding celebration a unique, memorable event expressing you as a couple. One of the reasons you hire a wedding consultant is to save you time – so I can be checking all these blogs, staying current with wedding trends, and knowing where to get the right vendors and products for your wedding.  But I work with do-it-yourself  brides and grooms on limited budgets, so I don’t mind sharing information – that’s what blogs are all about.  So, if you’re not too busy, here’s a link to a blog that lists 100 top wedding blogs.
p.s. I’m fine with not making the list….

I assisted my long-time assistant Jennifer for Tara and Matt’s wedding.
Working with Arthur’s Catering, Lee James Florals, Soundwave Entertainment, Cory Callahan Photography, Jeremy Tomlinson, cake by Party Flavors, and I can’t forget to mention VIP Transportation. It was a great day at the Lake Mary Event Center. Just a brief shower in the afternoon before the wedding, Tara’s theme incorporated earthtones and deep burgundy. See for yourself.

My husband got to go along on a recent FAM (Familiarization Trip) to NH Hotels Cancun Riviera – a new resort and excellent site for a destination wedding. Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico is clean, safe, and a delightful site for vacationing or honeymoons. In fact, one part of the property is family-focused, and the other side of the property is “adults only.” When you’re looking for a destination wedding, it’s important to work with someone who has been to the resort, met with the wedding coordinator, and familiar with the legal requirements, logistics, and capabilities of the destination site. Having spent a few days learning about imports, area transportation and sites, resort amenities and activities, room inspections and sampling cuisine, I can confidently recommend this property and their wedding coordinator, Sandy Casillas. What did I like best? It would probably have to be the hot tub on the balcony where you could relax privately with an incredible ocean view. Least favorite part – a lot of polished marble, beautiful but caution: slippery when wet.

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