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Toms is a great shoe company that helps people in need. When you buy a pair of their shoes they will donate a pair to a child that wouldn’t have shoes otherwise. They have a whole section on their website dedicated to weddings! They not only make women’s bridal shoes, but shoes for men too. If you and your whole bridal party bought these shoes to wear for your wedding think of how many children who dont have shoes would now have a pair. They are comfortable and stylish. It is a unique twist that no one will be expecting when they see your shoes! Go to http://www.toms.com for more information!

Petal Grosgrain Women's Classics      Silver Women's Glitters

Black Perforated Leather Men's Classics      White Canvas Men's Classics


This past weekend I worked at The Special Event convention in Tampa, Florida. It was so much fun, and they had over 1200 booths in the Trade Show. A booth that really caught my eye was Freezeframe/Bloombeads. I had never seen this before and thought that it was so unique. This company freezes your bouquet from your wedding and puts it in a frame that lasts a lifetime. Also they can create bloombeads to make jewelry. A bloombead is made from a flower in your bouquet. They take the flower and grind it into a powder and put it into the color of your beads. I didn’t know that any of this was possible until I saw this booth, and was in awe. I think that this is a great idea for brides to do after their wedding! Go check out their website freezeframeit.com or bloombeads.com!


I found a great idea for a bride’s something blue. Have your bridesmaids sign the bottom of your shoes with a blue sharpie. They can write words of wisdom, or a simple congratulation. It’s a unique way to wear something blue. Also it gives you something to keep, and look back on years after your wedding.

Green Bride Guide

Green Bride Guide

With people becoming more Eco-friendly these days they are looking for new ways to help the environment. Kate Harrison, who I met at conference,  has a book with tons of tips to Go Green with your wedding, its called The Green Bride Guide. This book opens up your eyes and makes you realize how one wedding affects the planet. This has made me want to offer greener solutions to brides. Each week I will post a Green Tip for weddings. Hopefully this will start the Green Revolution. Also visit recyledbrides.com, this website is FANTASTIC! You can buy, sell items from your wedding. It can help you save money, or get back money on items you onlGreen Holiday Giftsy used once. Look for my Green Tips starting next week. Lets all Go Green!

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For Fall Weddings there are some hot color trends you can incorporate into your own wedding. One popular color combo is mint green and cherry red. It’s a bright and fun color combo used for a fall wedding. Another great color to use is a rich mocha. It pairs great with any bright or neutral color. It gives a wedding a nice sharp look, and makes your other colors really pop! A nice traditional fall color to use would be cedar green. It’s a nice mossy color, and looks great for bridesmaid dresses. What are you favorite color combinations for a fall wedding? Have a Happy Fall Wedding Season!!


Juliet's Balcony, Verona, Italy

Romeo, Romeo, Where for art thou?

If you are following my blog, you know I haven’t posted regularly lately.  One reason was I took a well-deserved break to enjoy a trip with the Association of Bridal Consultants to Verona, Italy to learn more about weddings in Italy.  Granted, there are a few “quirks,” a little red tape,  and many answers to our questions to venue representatives and city officials were, “it depends…, ” meaning it’s very important to have a relationship with your vendors and that most things are negotiable.  We also learned that if you aren’t married in the church, you are required to be legally married in a city site, such as the town hall.  Fortunately, Verona’s town hall is beautiful, but the city also owns Juliet’s house, Juliet’s tomb, and another wedding venue in the city.  That means that most outdoor wedding ceremonies at castles and villas are essentially reenactments.  In Verona, they now have one privately owned venue that is rented to the City of Verona for ceremonies so that wedding ceremonies can be conducted in the villa.  I must tell you, the venues are beyond belief!  If you enjoy rich history and architecture, I can honestly say that I have never been so overwhelmed with beauty.  Top 5 questions/concerns about getting married in Italy:
1. I don’t speak Italian. 
A. Neither do I, and while you could get in a situation where no one spoke English, we found that most Italians and Europeans speak more English than we expected.  Most signs were in both languages or you could figure it out, like “toilette.”  Most of the venue websites can be translated to English with the click of the mouse.  Yes, you’ll have to have items like your birth certificate and divorce decree translated to Italian for the court, 2 of my ABC Italian colleagues are licensed to do that, so no worries there, either.  Dinner setup at Bevilacqua Castle
2. I’m not excited about “roughing it” without modern conveniences.  

A. Even the most historic venues have modern facilities – probably most were more modern than most American facilities.  Nearly every bathroom had limited and full flush options to save water – where do you see that here?  We had dinner at one castle that is still using the 16th century fireplaces to heat the rooms and we were comfortable, and another castle that could provide a fire breather (who was also a poet) for reception entertainment. We experienced the best wedding sites in Verona and the surrounding areas.  Most hotels are either ultra modern or tastefully renovated/restored. 
3. What about driving?
A. Once you get comfortable using trains and public transportation, you probably don’t need to drive. You might want a bicycle to get around if you don’t enjoy walking, but you really need to slow down or let someone else drive so you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells.  Yes, traffic is a little crazier in the big cities like Rome and Naples, but you can take Eurorail, local trains, and Metro and have only occasional need for a taxi. In Sorrento, we hired a private driver to take us through Positano and the Amalfi coast.  Spending the day with a local who spoke some English – and my daughter who spoke some English was the most enriching, wonderful experience.

Villa Della Torre

Now this is a fireplace!

4. Isn’t it expensive? 
A. Once you get comfortable with converting dollars to Euros – there’s an app for that, it’s really not bad.  Food is fresh and wine is plentiful – you’d spend as much at Disney World.  The major difference is you get lots of food for the price whereas in the U.S., we eat fast and don’t enjoy the dining experience. 
5. Are the people friendly?  Do they like/dislike Americans? 
A. Working with established ABC wedding professionals, the city of Verona rolled out the red carpet for us.  It’s all about establishing relationships – not unlike the U.S. We had classes on the requirements for weddings and met with all the city officials in Verona. We could not have been more welcome. I am totally comfortable working with my Italian colleagues to help U.S. brides get married in Italy, now not even just Verona, but almost anywhere in the country.
To summarize, there are more similarities than differences, and a professional consultant can help you work through those differences – allow plenty of time, and be flexible. That’s why we are being awarded the Association of Bridal Consultants first “Destination Wedding Specialist – Italy” designation.

Thinking about having a bit of Celtic tradition? Considering kilts? Where do you start? I gave a presentation on Scottish weddings a few years ago at the Association of Bridal Consultants Annual Conference and thought I’d share some blogs on ethnic and specialty weddings.  

  • Understand that each tartan is unique has its own thread count. A pattern is not officially a tartan unless you can fold it diagonally so that the colors match up exactly.  Keep in mind that the wedding party’s attire doesn’t have to match the groom’s. 
  • Kilts are even more expensive than tuxedos most of the time, so it’s usually better to rent the outfit. Once you have a kilt in your clan’s tartan, you’ll need to choose a jacket. Kilt outfits are mainly distinguished by the style of jacket.
  • Casual – This outfit is for every day casual wear and would be worn with a casual/outdoor shirt or sweater and a pair of boots – as illustrated opposite. It consists of Kilt, Sporran, Kilt Pin, Kilt Hose, Belt & Buckle – but you can add other items later to create a Daywear or Full Dress outfit.

Scottish Jacobean Highland Kilt
Jacobean Highland Outfit – an excellent choice for less formal or daytime weddings.


  • Jacobean Highland Outfit – offers a rugged, youthful choice of highlandwear; an excellent choice for less formal Scottish-themed weddings.  The Jacobite outfit  is identified by include a loose Jacobite shirt and vest in lieu of formal jacket, and pouch sporran for casual daywear. 
  • Semi Dress is ideal for formal occasions if you do not want the Full Dress outift – The Semi Dress outfit consists of Kilt, Argyll Jacket, Semi Dress Sporran, Ghillie Brogues, Sgian Dubh, Belt & Buckle, Kilt Hose & Flashes, Kilt Pin and a Bow Tie. The main difference from the Full Dress outfit being the style of jacket and the fact that there is no waistcoat (vest) with the Semi Dress outfit.
  • Grooms and groomsmen however would normally choose the after the style of the jacket.  The Full Dress outfit is the accepted style for Weddings, Black Tie Functions and is the Scottish equivalent of a Dinner Jack
    Semi-Dress (semi-formal) kilt

    Semi-Dress (semi-formal) kilt

    et or Tuxedo.  The full dress outfit is also referred to as the Prince Charlie Outfit.

Accessories:  – Once you have your jacket, shirt, and kilt, you can start to think about the rest of your kilt outfit.   

  • The next difference between the outfits is the kind of sporran (a belted pouch worn at the waist) worn with it. These mostly divide into three categories: Full Dress sporrans, mainly worn with a formal Prince Charlie outfit; Semi-Dress sporrans, suitable for most occasions, perhaps with an Argyll jacket; and Daywear sporrans, which are less formal and could be worn with an Argyll or Tweed jacket.  You should also consider your kilt pin, belt and buckle, tie, and garter flashes.
  • Kilt hose and ghillie brogues are the traditional socks and Highland shoes.
  • Tuck a Skean Dhu (“black dagger” in Gaelic) into the top of the men’s kilt hose. This custom comes from a time when Highlanders wore their weapons openly when they accepted an invitation to someone’s house, thereby showing they had nothing to hide. 

Helpful Websites:   

A professional bridal consultant studies cultural and religious traditions and can help you incorporate them into your wedding.

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