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I saw another great vendor at the TSE Tradeshow a couple weeks ago. They do a virtual graffiti wall. If you are sick of the boring photo booth idea this is a great alternative for you. You take a picture and then it is digitally posted onto a wall. Then you take a fake spray paint can and choose different settings and graffiti all over your picture. When you’re done you print it out and you have a great picture to take home and put into the wedding couples photo album! For more information their website is


Sharing this repost to help explain one photographer’s explanation of pricing.

Why Wedding Photographers’ Prices are “Wack”.

This past weekend I worked at The Special Event convention in Tampa, Florida. It was so much fun, and they had over 1200 booths in the Trade Show. A booth that really caught my eye was Freezeframe/Bloombeads. I had never seen this before and thought that it was so unique. This company freezes your bouquet from your wedding and puts it in a frame that lasts a lifetime. Also they can create bloombeads to make jewelry. A bloombead is made from a flower in your bouquet. They take the flower and grind it into a powder and put it into the color of your beads. I didn’t know that any of this was possible until I saw this booth, and was in awe. I think that this is a great idea for brides to do after their wedding! Go check out their website or!



Peter Merry and Elizabeth Scott Daley gave us some great ideas for ways to entertain your guests at your reception. One of them was to use a photo booth, or flipbook. Guests can take pictures, or shoot a skit for a minute and it is then transformed into a flipbook. They can take these things home, and always remember your wedding. Also your videographer can do same-day editing, not every videographer can do this but there are some out there. In the first part of your reception play a video on how you met. At the end he can play the ceremony, and reception. Guests will be amazed by the fact they are in the video. If you’re the couple that likes to take risks you can do a first dance surprise. Start dancing to a normal first dance song, then in the middle break out some choreographed moves. It’s unexpected and your guests will love it!

      At the conference there was a session on how to care and preserve your wedding dress. They gave us so many helpful hints. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts from the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

 1. Water and Silk don’t mix

2. Don’t hang the dress by its shoulders

3. Don’t use wire hangers

4. Keep dress away from air and light

5. Don’t store in plastic garment bag

6. Wrap dress in old sheets

7. Mud and Red Wine are hard to get out of silk

8. Use baby wipes on polyester

9. Tide Stick works well

10. Fiber is what counts, not weave

Also, if you are buying a sample dress clean it before you get alterations done. If you visit their website you can get many more tips, and find a cleaner in your area that is part of the association. (

I was queried whether I thought there was a need for an “app” for brides and grooms to “improve communication” duringthe wedding so that their guests and wedding party knew what was going on, where to be, etc.    We’re not talking about a wedding planning “app,” but to be used on the wedding day. Then I found someone has already created one, PhotoOpp.

PhotoOpp, iPhone App

Would you use this at your wedding? Cake cutting in 5 minutes - gather near the cake table....

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I just love wedding details.  But so often, when I review the photos of a wedding, the little things you’ve spent hours preparing are nowhere to be found.  The couple might not get a favor to save as a keepsake. And while there might be some shots of the table decor, does the photographer capture the napkin folds, signature drink, chair ties, or they myriad of details that the bride might not even remember seeing during the celebration.  Click here to check this out from Doug Forner’s blog and remember to request “detail shots” when working on that photography checklist.