I met another great vendor at The Special Event in Tampa. They are called Dress my Cupcake! They sell designer cupcake wrappers. They are the cutest wrappers, and some are even reusable.  You simply bake your cupcake and after you ice them then you place the wrapper around it! It creates a great display for a birthday or wedding. Also they do custom designs if you have an idea you can send it into them. On display at the trade show they had a tier of cupcakes and at the top was the bride and groom it said on the wrapper, and matching colors on all the rest. It adds a great unique touch to any event! They ship worldwide and have no minimum and no fee drop shipping. To get more information go to their website at www.dressmycupcake.com.


This past weekend I worked at The Special Event convention in Tampa, Florida. It was so much fun, and they had over 1200 booths in the Trade Show. A booth that really caught my eye was Freezeframe/Bloombeads. I had never seen this before and thought that it was so unique. This company freezes your bouquet from your wedding and puts it in a frame that lasts a lifetime. Also they can create bloombeads to make jewelry. A bloombead is made from a flower in your bouquet. They take the flower and grind it into a powder and put it into the color of your beads. I didn’t know that any of this was possible until I saw this booth, and was in awe. I think that this is a great idea for brides to do after their wedding! Go check out their website freezeframeit.com or bloombeads.com!


I found a great idea for a bride’s something blue. Have your bridesmaids sign the bottom of your shoes with a blue sharpie. They can write words of wisdom, or a simple congratulation. It’s a unique way to wear something blue. Also it gives you something to keep, and look back on years after your wedding.

Buy an eco-friendly dress! Get a dress that is made from natural fibers. Hemp, Organic cotton, and other fibers like bamboo are all green alternatives. Vera Wang has designed gowns that are made with eco-friendly materials. You can become the next eco-chic bride.

A wedding I helped with recently had big beautiful trees surrounding the reception venue and the gazebo the ceremony was held in. The couple decided to hang at least 50 lanterns and mason jars with battery operated candles inside. You can use fishing line to make them look like they are floating in the trees and the battery operated candles last for 16 hours so turn them on when you hang them up and you don’t have to worry about it later that night. The outcome is beautiful when you look out of the window of the reception and all of the trees are illuminated. It’s very romantic. This is a great idea for an outdoor wedding, or one secluded surrounded by trees.


    Here is your green tip for the week. Want to have an aisle runner for your wedding, but you want to save money and be green? Use a carpet runner that you already own or that someone you know owns. It can be one that you use down a long hallway in your house or on stairs. When you use this you dont have waste after the wedding compared to buying one and never using it again. You are recycling it for your wedding and then it goes back into your house. It’s a great idea to keep costs down and your wedding carbon footprint!

Recently at weddings I have seen candy table becoming very popular for guest favors. You set it up with different vases and glasses and fill them with candy. You can have little bags with stickers and your names and date of wedding for them to fill.  You can become really creative with the types of candy and colors you have. Have them match your wedding colors, or just have them labeled as the bride and grooms favorite candy. Also if you are using M&M’s you can get your faces on them, or just get a big vase and layer your wedding colors which add an elegant touch. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a cute idea that every guest will love.