10 Tips for Enjoying your Wedding Day

Elise Enloe, MasterBridal Consultant™ Attention to Details Weddings & Events, Oviedo, FL

1.        Don’t expect “perfect.”  What’s perfect to you is not perfect for anyone else, and anything less is not “perfect.”  Wonderful is achievable.  Don’t sweat the small stuff that only you will notice.

2.        Take care of your errands, deliveries, and decorating tasks by the day before your wedding.  That means delivering centerpieces, favors, cake knife, toasting glasses, napkins, etc. to your coordinator, caterer, or reception venue so that nothing is left behind at the last minute.  Don’t complicate your day by trying to do too much. 

3.        Your clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for your environment.  Make sure your dress lets you “breathe.”  (Yes, I actually found a bride sitting nearly naked on the bathroom floor because she literally couldn’t breathe.) Grooms may appreciate ½” larger neck than they usually wear to avoid that choking feeling.  Check heating/air conditioning during your rehearsal and ask to bring in fans if air circulation or air conditioning is a problem.

4.        Choose shoes that will let you stand and walk comfortably and do make sure they are broken in.  (This should probably be #1.) If you must, take them to a shoemaker and have them stretched so that you don’t blemish your day with blisters.

5.         Avoid eating heavy meals, gassy or acidic foods, and drinking alcohol the night before to avoid discomforts.  Do make sure you eat something before your wedding, and drink plenty of water, especially in warm climates.  Saltine crackers or pretzels may help calm a nervous stomach and help you to retain water, eliminating the urge to have to go to the bathroom.

6.         Avoid heavy perfumes.  They can overcome your senses and make you feel nauseous.  They can attract insects if outdoors, and could trigger allergic reactions in guests. 

7.        Relaxing is most important.  Before walking down the aisle, you may find that a short “loosening up” or stretching is in order. Shake your arms and legs and do a few head and neck rolls. You may look funny, but it does help. Don’t lock your knees while standing! Stand with your legs slightly apart, with knees relaxed, and periodically wiggle your toes.  If you feel faint, take advantage of prayers. Bend your head and breath slowly, deeply inhaling through your nose and exhaling from your mouth to a slow, mental count.  Lean on your fiancé if you must. 

8.        Make all final payments to vendors ahead of time,  It’s really tacky to be writing checks during your reception.  If not paid the week before, give final payments to your coordinator, best man, or some other designated individual in labeled envelopes, and include cash tips where appropriate. 

9.        Expect “no shows” and “add-on” guests who didn’t RSVP.  If you have a seating plan, have a plan for extra seats.  While guests should RSVP, setting up extra tables while guests stand in waiting can be avoided with a few extra seats.  Identify where the extra seating will be so that your coordinator or banquet captain can direct extra guests without disruption. 

10.     If you’ve contracted with a team of reputable wedding professionals, they’ve done many more weddings than you have. Trust your wedding professionals, and allow them to do their jobs.  Now, if you’ve got your future brother-in-law’s cousin’s friend – well, you get what you pay for.


Elise Enloe, Master Bridal Consultant™

Attention to Details Weddings & Events



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